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Guidelines of the 'Journal of Small Systems'


  • Highlight excellent publications in the field of clusters, fullerenes, nanotubes, nanostructures, and similar small systems (nano-scale science and -technology) by signed endorsements of referees.
  • Foster scientific communication by providing a dedicated discussion forum for every nominated publication.
  • Enhance visibility of publications by providing an open access version of the article.

Highlights in Small Systems Information

Highlights in Small Systems is a Web-based, open-access virtual journal of publications in the fascinating science of clusters, fullerenes, nanotubes, nanostructures, and similar small systems, where every registered scientist may nominate key publications in the field by submitting an endorsement. In addition, Highlights in Small Systems provides a scientific discussion forum for nominated publications. Any professional scientist active in the described research field is cordially invited to contribute to the discussion forum.
Highlights in Small Systems allows to
  • The Highlights in Small Systems requires a Web browser and/or firewall/network configuration that supports and accepts cookies.
  • Articles that have been nominated for Highlights in Small Systems have to be cited as the original journal article. Annotations of the Highlights in Small Systems are to be cited as: Annotation to author, title, journal, volume, page, year, in: Highlights in Small Systems, http://jsmallsystems.org/hss/x/y/z.
At present 6 articles have been nominated.
Latest addition: 9 September 2006

Highlights in Small Systems Feedback

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